Are you a woman who is feeling stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, and unfulfilled? Are your days filled with everything others tell you that you should do versus what you want to do? Ever think your life isn't turning out to be what you hoped?

Pathways to Your Peaceful Life


This online interactive program for women will help you move from feeling stressed and unfulfilled to having more time for you again, doing things you enjoy, and feeling good in your body using Pathways to Wellness's Method

Uncovering You: 7-Steps to Living YOUR Fullest Life

(instead of living for everyone else)



4 Most Common Limiting Beliefs that Keep Us Stuck

This is just how life has to be.

Somewhere along the line, most of us women were taught that as women we are responsible for everything and everyone and that we need to prioritize others before ourselves.  This just isn't true.  What does gender have to do with responsibility?  I have rarely heard men not want to go to the gym or go fishing because doing something they enjoy is "irresponsible" or "selfish" or that they are somehow bad if they don't wash everyone else's dishes before they go.  You can learn how to let go of this false belief system and start living the life you have always hoped for.

Truth #1:  This isn't 'just how life has to be'.  You can be happy and live the life YOU want.

Changing my life means my entire life will be in upheaval.

Creating the life you want doesn't mean you have to shake everything up in your life, destroying your world as you know it.  Often the most effective way to make lasting changes in our lives is to identify simple steps to make a few, small (i.e., manageable) changes.  Then once we have that going, we can make a few more manageable changes.  Not only is this effective in terms of being able to stick with it, but it also helps us maintain some sense of stability in our world.

Truth #2:  You can change your life through small, steady changes.

Self-care and living the life I want is selfish and self-indulgent.

Another myth women have been told is that self-care and living the life you want is selfish and self-indulgent; this is simply not true.  And again, rarely have I heard a man who is unhappy in his current situation, such as a job, say that it would be selfish to switch careers to something he enjoys.  The reality is that if you aren't taking care of yourself and aren't living the life you want, your loved ones suffer too.  When you are super unhappy and unfulfilled, that comes off in your mood, the amount of patience you have, and in your willingness to do things.  The opposite is also true.  When you are living your best life, everyone in your life will know it - they will feel that joy emanating from you, bringing them joy too.

Truth #3:  You deserve to take care of yourself and do things that bring you joy.

If I don't do everything, nothing will get done or if it is done it won't be done right.

One of the biggest barriers women face in creating their ideal life is the belief that if they don't do everything, nothing will get done.  And sure, without the proper approach this may be true especially if you have been doing everything.  At the same time, when you do everything you continue to allow others to do nothing.  Instead, with the proper tools you can clarify your priorities and create a sense of teamwork in your environments.  This frees up your time to focus on your passions and on the things you are good at doing.

Truth #4:  You don't have to do everything for things to get done.
Have you been feeling overwhelmed and exhausted as you try to "fit it all in" and then have no time or energy left for you?  Feeling so worn-out, like you've lost yourself? 


These feelings are a 'heads up' that what you're doing isn't working.  If you were to reflect on that further you might think "oh, yeah! Totally!" followed by thoughts that this is just how it is.

But is it?  Is this truly how it has to be?  Is it really what you want?

You may be catching inklings from deep within that this isn't what you want or can sustain.  Maybe you are having a hard time sleeping, have poor digestion (like constipation or diarrhea), have zero interest in sex, or take a long time to get over a cold.

The thing is, these are signs from your body that you can't keep living this way.  They are requests to slow down, tune in, pay attention, and take care of yourself right now.  The good news is that by sending you these messages, we know your body still trusts you to do something about the problem.  But maybe you feel stuck in your life and don't know what to do or even how to do it.

You are so good at taking care of everyone else you can't figure out how to give back to yourself.

Women who feel good in their bodies and who are out enjoying their fullest lives all do one thing in common:  they know how to get deeply calm and tune-in to their intuition, their fullest Self, and trust it to guide them.  As a result, they:

  • know how to return to feeling calm after being stressed or upset
  • have figured out how to prioritize themselves and take action to do it
  • know they can't help and care for others unless they first take care of themselves
  • don't just make time for themselves, they prioritize it

This allows them to live healthy and full lives, lives that line up with you and how they want to be.

Hi! I'm Jen Barnes.

I have a passion for helping women create the lives they want and have always dreamed of.  Whether its that midday walk in the park, more time with your loved ones, having fun with your kids again, embarking on special adventures and trips, having time to read, engaging in cool hobbies, or having fun in your own unique way, it is my passion to help you reconnect with who you really are and support in you creating the life you want.

I know living this way is possible, because I've done it.

In my 20s I had a career as an actuarial analyst.  It was a good career and I enjoyed the work.  At the same time, I found my life way out of balance.  I was stressed, anxious, irritable, exhausted, and unfulfilled.  My life consisted only of things I had to do and very little, if anything, that I wanted to do.  Finding myself anxious and depressed in a therapist’s office, I decided this was no way to live.


What didn't work.

Before that, I tried to work harder and do more so I could get through the “had to do’s”  with plans to relax after; that didn’t work.  The list just got longer and rest and relaxation escaped me.

Somewhat subconsciously I tried letting go of time with friends and family to make time; this didn’t work either.  It only made me more miserable, less happy, and more stressed.  I wasn’t more productive, just more angry and lonely.

Talking to others in the field didn’t work; they were in the same boat and whether hearing about their successes or struggles I felt I was sinking deeper into misery either around “why can’t I do this?” or “we’re all doomed”.

Much to my dismay, I found drinking wine, “retail therapy” (AKA shopping), and complaining about my life were also grossly ineffective.

Time for a change.

It wasn’t until I learned how to calm my body through yoga and other techniques, increased my own self-awareness, and examined my life from a different perspective - that place of deep introspection - that I realized just how unhappy I was and how much I needed to change.  I got clear on what I wanted in life, what my ideal life would look like, and learned how to create it one small step at a time.

Having walked this path myself and having worked in the mental health field for over 20 years (15+ as a licensed social worker) it is exciting to companion women on their own journeys towards living their ideal life.

I would love to help you live in a more life-affirming and fulfilling way.


Pathways to Your Peaceful Life

Learn how to CALM your body from the stress and overwhelm

Learn to connect with your inner voice about what you really want your life to be

Learn how to use your time well so you can feel less overwhelmed and have more energy

Learn the power of setting boundaries and skills to do it well so you are in charge of how you spend your time

Start a powerful morning routine to help you focus so you can have productive and fulfilling days

Learn strategies to get out of your own way to make it all happen

Your Interactive Program Includes:

This online course is designed for you to work on one module per week for seven weeks.  To watch all of the videos in each module will take between 10-20 minutes; I encourage you to set aside an additional 30 to 60 minutes per week to complete the worksheets and exercises as well as connect with the group throughout the week.


You'll be practicing calming your body as you learn how to create the life you have always wanted.
Here is what you can expect to explore each week (available on your computer and on the mobile app):

MODULE 1:  UNDERSTAND Your Body’s Messages

At the end of this module you will be able to notice and decode the messages of your body so you can understand your needs in the moment.  This will prepare you for the next step of meeting those needs effectively and then shifting into a state of calm.

You will discover:

  • How the body responds to stress so you can learn how to calm your emotions, stress, and anxiety effectively
  • How to hear and understand the messages from your body to get in tune with your underlying needs and wants in the moment and over time so you can feel fulfilled instead of depleted
  • What it feels like to experience true calm and what it means to live from a calm and centered place including improved sleep, healthy digestion, a strong immune response, and improved connections with others so that you can experience (and learn to create) this for yourself

You will receive:

  • PDF:  Guide to Understanding and Decoding Your Body’s Messages, including journal prompts and practice exercises
  • Infographic: Quick Reference Trail Guide for Decoding Your Body’s Messages
  • Power Tool:  Get clear on your body’s specific messages - how they are communicated and what they mean
  • Deeper Dive:  Article to deepen your understanding of how your body communicates with you.

MODULE 2 - Work WITH Your Body

At the end of this module you will be able to calm yourself in the moment so you can handle the daily stressors of life with ease and know how to increase feelings of calm over time.  This will help you connect with and hear your own inner voice and that deep sense of knowing around what you really want both day to day and throughout your life.

You will discover:

  • How to calm yourself in the moment so you can handle the daily stressors of life with ease
  • How to increase feelings of calm over time so you can hear your own inner voice and connect with a deep sense of knowing around what you really want both day to day and throughout your life

You will receive:

  • PDF:  Calm Your Body NOW  and Over Time to have all of your calming strategies in one place
  • Journal Prompts: Your Experiment in Calming Your Nervous System
  • Power tool: 5-minutes to Calm video
  • Deeper Dive:  Article to deepen your understanding of how to create calm

MODULE 3 - Discover Your Ideal Life

At the end of this module you will be clear on your vision for your ideal life.  You will have let go of a need for discipline and instead increased your focus and motivation. You will have identified achievable goals and actions to start taking now to create the life you want.

You will discover:

  • How to tune into your inner wisdom to know precisely what your ideal life is - what it would look like if you woke up tomorrow and your life was exactly how you want it to be
  • How to stop worrying about not being disciplined enough to meet your goals (Hint:  It’s NOT about discipline)
  • How to use this clarity of vision to create your ideal life through focus and motivation
  • How to set clear, achievable goals to pave the way towards living the life you’ve always dreamed of

You will receive:

  • PDF:  Discover Your Ideal Life including journal prompts and activities to help you identify your ideal life
  • Power Tool:  Make It Happen: Create Checkpoints for Your Life Plan

MODULE 4:  Create Time For What Matters 

At the end of this module you will be clear on how you are spending your time including what you are doing that is helping you have the life you want and what is getting in the way.  You will also know how to pause and check-in with your deepest Self around your present-moment experiences which will help you spot when you are living in alignment with your ideal life and when you have stepped off the path.

You will discover:

  • How you are spending your time now to be able to identify what is in alignment with your ideal life and what is getting in the way
  • How to shift your life into greater balance to create space for your ideal life
  • How to check-in with your deepest Self in the present moment so you can assess if you are living in alignment with your ideal life or have veered away from it

You will receive:

  • PDF: Where Does All of My Time Go?
  • Practice Activity: Present Moment Check-in which will help you increase your awareness in the moment to help you stay focused on your goals for your ideal life
  • Deeper Dive Power Move:  Article to help you decrease brain fog and stress while increasing productivity by addressing the myth of multitasking

MODULE 5:  Communicate Your Priorities to Others 

At the end of this module you will feel more confident in your ability to set boundaries, armed with a toolkit of ways to set boundaries and ask for what you want and need.  This will allow you to stop taking on tasks that hinder your progress towards your ideal life, delegate tasks that you don’t need or want to do, and only say “yes” when you mean it thus lowering anger and resentment.

You will discover:

  • How anger and resentment are often signs that we need to communicate our priorities, wants, needs, and boundaries with others
  • What people mean when they talk about boundaries
  • How communicating your priorities, needs, and wants to others allows you to reclaim your time by doing what you identify as important (versus what others say you “should” do); this makes space for your ideal life
  • How to overcome challenges with communicating your priorities, needs, and wants so you can feel confident in making your request instead of guilty or shutdown; this will increase the likelihood of your communication being effective
  • How to communicate your priorities and set boundaries with kindness, compassion, and grace so that you can let go of guilt that accompanies saying “no” and create the life you want

You will receive:

  • PDF: Reclaim Your Time:  You Can Communicate Your Priorities to Others
  • Power Tool:  Communicating Boundaries Cheat Sheet
  • Deeper Dive:  Link to specifically selected podcast interview “How to Compassionately Set Boundaries in Relationships” on The Lively Show

MODULE 6:  Start Your Day Empowered

At the end of this module you will have created your own morning routine to start your days calm and focused; this will help you be productive and have the kind of days you want and need to create the life you want

You will discover:

  • How a morning routine is essential to help you be calm, focused, and productive so you can both enjoy your days and create the life you want
  • How you want to shift from sleeping into waking life as well as how you want to feel each day
  • Effective and powerful ways to start your day
  • Your own morning routine that you will make just for you so you can both meet your goals and feel fulfilled

You will receive:

  • PDF:  Start Your Day Empowered module guide
  • Tool:  Top 5 Meditation Apps
  • Handout:  Practices for Cultivating Gratitude
  • Power Tool:  Morning Routine Template
  • Infographic:  Sample Morning Routine

MODULE 7:  Stay on the Path to Your Ideal Life

At the end of this module you will have a method for assessing your progress towards creating your ideal life, clarity around what is going well so far and what needs to be shifted, and plans for staying focused on motivated.  You will know how to get out of the perfectionism trap, learning to get out of your own way and trust your learning process.

You will discover:

  • How to assess your progress, identifying what is working and what needs to be shifted

You will receive:

  • PDF:  Assess Your Progress and Adapt to Make Your Ideal Life a Reality

Enjoy these amazing bonuses to help you along the pathway to your ideal life!

Clearing the Way for Your Ideal Life

In my work with women over the past 20 plus years, I have noticed that three main things get in our way when we try to make changes in our lives.

One, most women have limiting underlying beliefs about the way life can be for them (even if we think we don’t). 

Two, many of us struggle with perfectionism, having been raised in the fixed mindset, the belief that you either have it or you don’t so mistakes mean you don’t add up.

Lastly, we do not have (or use) a skillful method for making lasting changes in our life.  Most of us start too big with change and then either lose momentum or the threat of too much change at once blows up our lives making it too hard to continue.

In this bonus module, we will go over all three of these challenges and help you work to address them to make sure you will be able to take the necessary steps to create the life you want.  ($200 value)

Yoga Nidra Recording

In this day and age, so many of us struggle to truly relax in a way that rejuvenates us.  Yoga Nidra is a guided, resting meditation that can help us replenish and rejuvenate.

This recording is an opportunity to engage in the healing practice of yoga nidra in the comfort of your own home to help you lower stress, improve sleep, calm your body, detach from your thoughts, release tension and pain, and connect with your deepest Self. ($20 value)

Creating a Household of Teamwork

One of the biggest challenges I hear from busy women is that they are carrying all or almost all of the responsibilities in the home.  If this is part of your ideal life, no problem.  However, often I hear that the biggest barrier for women in creating the life they want is household responsibilities.

In this bonus module we will explore skills for engaging household members in the home, including other adults as well as children.  We will consider how children participating in chores not only helps you, but helps your children in a myriad of ways.  We will also explore age appropriate chores for kids as well as tips for creating a household of teamwork so you have space, time, and energy for you. ($200 value)

The first 25 people to register also get:

Coping with COVID19 and Other World Challenges

The COVID19 pandemic has creating unique challenges for women as many of us try to balance even more than we did before.  Additionally, major wildfires, social unrest stemming from continued systemic oppression, an increase in natural disasters, and a country divided in so many ways have all taken their toll.  In this bonus module, we will explore strategies for effectively coping with these challenges.

Quick, Easy Access Anywhere, Anytime

  • Each module of the course has just 2-4 videos
  • The videos are less than 10 minutes
  • You can access all course info from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • The exercises plus videos will only take about an hour a week, parsed out throughout your week (that’s less than 10 minutes per day)

Are you ready to start living the life YOU want?

Join me for Pathways to Your Peaceful Life

to start creating your own best life now.



Top features

  • Learning:  Access to all seven modules both online and on the mobile app plus bonuses for one year including videos, handouts, and recommended exercises to help you create the life you want ($2,220 value)
  • Community:  24/7 support and accountability through lifetime access to the exclusive Online Group Forum ($99 value)
  • Support:  Two monthly live Q&A calls for support from Jen on your path (for six months), answering questions you have, helping you implement the work in your own life, and working with you on barriers to creating the life you want ($450 value)

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Most Popular

  • Everything in the Basic Program PLUS:
  • Four group coaching sessions ($600 value)
  • Workshop on healing past wounds ($300 value)
  • 14 minute trauma sensitive yoga video with a seated practice to help you feel empowered and connected to your body ($25 value)

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$997 plus $120/hr

Most Support

  • Everything in the Enhanced Program PLUS:
  • Access to Jen through  live, 1:1 virtual coaching for individual support in helping you implement the work in your own life and working with you on barriers to creating the life you want for the discounted price of $120 per one hour session for up to ten sessions ($150 value per session)

If you register for this option, you will be charged $997 now and receive a coupon code in your email for $30 off up to ten 1:1 coaching sessions (non-transferrable).


What Course Participants and My Colleagues Say...

Cindy Dad

Between a pandemic and moving to another country, I have become extremely stressed, frazzled, and disorganized. I have not had the time or energy to establish meaningful connections or even services to help me at my new home. I am so grateful for Jen's online course to help me regain some connection with myself and find the necessary calm and focus that I needed The course is structured so well and the information is very well presented. I can also work at my own pace and time, which was important to me.


Bea Doyle

Founder, Bhava Yoga Studio [Albuquerque, NM]

Rooted in the science of polyvagal theory, practical in its approach and guided by Jen’s wisdom from years of experience, study and practice in clinical social work and yoga–find the grounded joy of being in balance through revealing awareness exercises, Jen’s clarifying tools for uncovering your ideal life, and yoga's calming breathing and movement practices. An added bonus of working with others in community plus feedback from Jen makes this course an important and necessary venture for these complex times.


Lisa W.

[Colorado Springs, CO]

One of my biggest challenges is being able to quiet my mind - it seems to be going all the time, racing through a million thoughts all the time. The techniques you learn in working with Jen are so very helpful in learning to find stillness, put things into perspective and find a little peace. It takes practice and you need to commit to the process, but it helps so very much. As women, we seem to put our own self-care on the very last wrung of importance even when we achieve empty-nester status. Take some time, make yourself a priority and join this program. Jen’s teaching style makes the steps easy to follow and practice. This is time and money well spent. And when we are well cared for, we are better at caring for the ones we love.

Dr. Phil Bennett

Retired Psychologist, Life Coach

I have known Jen for years. She is a gifted therapist and teacher, because of both her intuition, and also her constant search for knowledge and truth. She is always learning and growing, which in my mind is a prerequisite for someone who is able to help others grow. She has explored multiple avenues of healing and works hard to provide a wholistic perspective on what it takes to heal and move forward through life. Jen is able to create space for others so they can discover themselves. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life, and are not sure you are living your best life, Jen can help. She has specialized in the body and trauma, and is capable of guiding you through whatever pain is in you story and life, and toward living authentically from your entire person.


Lori Kucharski

Ph.D., AAMFT-Approved Supervisor, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist/Supervisor,
EMDRIA-Certified Therapist & Approved Consultant

Jen is skilled at helping stressed-out folks find peace in their bodies. Through her somatically-focused approach, she helps individuals heal and release trauma as they regain faith and trust in their bodies.

What is possible for you as you take this course?


You will be able let go of unhealthy, debilitating stress and uncover your natural state of true calm so you can sleep well, have more energy, focus better, and quiet the noise to reconnect with your inner wisdom.  And you will have the skills to do this whenever stress finds its way back into your life.


With your body and mind at ease, you will hear your own inner voice from deep within, getting clear on what matters most and on what you really want.  This clarity will help you create a clear vision of your ideal life and help you make it a reality. Further, as your life and needs change over the years you will have the tools to continue growing and living in alignment with who and how you really want to be.


Gaining a clear picture of your time allocation and life balance as well as learning tools for communicating your needs, wants, and priorities, you will make space in your life for what matters most to you instead of what you have been told should matter to you.  AND, should you find your life out of balance again you will have the tools to readjust and prioritize again and again.


Through developing a powerful morning routine you will get focused to move from the chaotic days of a busy life full of tasks towards productive, yet calm, days that you enjoy and that give you a sense of fulfillment.  With this focus you will be able to make your life be what you truly want and need it to be.

My Promise to You

My Guarantee

I am in the business of helping people create the life that they really want.  If for any reason you are not thrilled with the content and potential impact it will have on your life, I will refund your tuition 100% within the first 14 days.  No hoops.  Just send me an email at [email protected]

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Be sure to read the "Start Here" information to help you navigate the course and ensure you get the most out of your experience.

If you have questions now or once you have started the course, please email me at [email protected].

I am so excited to see what you create for yourself!

Jen Barnes

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