At Pathways to Wellness University, I believe that learning and growing is a significant piece of being alive.  I seek to help people learn and grow in a way that is meaningful and healing.


I have a passion for helping women discover and lead the life they want.  Whether through my 20+ years in practice as a clinical social worker, my 10+ years as a yoga teacher, or in my online coaching programs and courses, I am excited to help you create and live the life you want.


Trauma & Your Nervous System

In this episode we discuss setting the stage for working with trauma. We explore the early stages of trauma work including the importance of feeling safe with your therapist, simple ways of introducing yourself to your body and the emotions that live there, and some helpful somatic tools that can be used for instant nervous system relief.

Changing Your Life Through Small Steps
Changing habits is tough - especially if we don't have the right tools to do it. Join DP and Licensed Therapist Jen Baumgardner Barnes as they talk about effective strategies for making real change - one step at a time.
Yoga for Mental Health

Join us for an all-new episode of Sound Off with Licensed Therapist and Trauma Yoga Instructor Jen Baumgardner Barnes. Learn how exercising yoga can help PTSD, depression and anxiety. At the 55 minute mark we move to a chair practice. Feel free to follow along.

MST Survivors: From Victim to Survivor

Join us to hear this deep dive into MST with Veteran Coaches Kenneth Reese and Amy Lacy and VMC David Pineda with Trauma Therapist Jen (Baumgardner) Barnes.

Social Isolation Effects and Holistic Therapies for Trauma Victims
Veteran Master Coach David Pineda and Licensed Therapist Jen Baumgardner (Independent Specialized Trauma Therapist) from Pathways to Wellness, will be sharing about practical ways to manage the effects of social isolation.
How to talk to your spouse about PTSD/Mental Health

An exclusive discussion about being a spouse of a veteran or active-duty/reserve service member with PTSD. The panel discusses how to recognize triggers, what can cause PTSD, effects on spouses and children, and more. Join Licensed Trauma Therapist Jen Baumgardner Barnes, VMC David "DP" Pineda, VC Amy Lacy, and VC Maria Gonzales Anderson for this in-depth conversation!

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