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Hack Your Habits: Make Change Happen One Behavior at a Time

Do you know what you need to do to help yourself feel better in your body and enjoy life more, but struggle to get yourself to do it?  It's not you that's the problem - it's the way you're going about it.

Let's get real about behavior change.

Have you ever read a book and been like, “oh my gosh!!!  This explains why I have been doing things this way all of my life?” James Clear's book Atomic Habits: Tiny Charges, Remarkable Results was like that for me.  Somehow, I have what seems like an innate ability to change my behavior.  All these years I thought it was discipline.  It turns out, I just happened to be doing what Clear identifies as the Four Laws of Behavior Change.  Between that and a clear focus on who and how I want to be in the world and what I needed to do to be that way, I have been able to get myself to engage in a number of healthy habits.  Now I actually know why and am excited to share that with...

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