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Beyond Burned Out: Simple Strategies to Pull Yourself Back From the Edge

Burnout.  After an intense year of multiple crises happening all at once, many of us are there - the emotional exhaustion and subsequent withdrawal due to higher workloads and for many institutional stress to boot.


It’s nice to know you’re not alone… but what do you DO about it?


As with anything, naming it is the first step.  Notice how you have been feeling.  You may have noticed a decrease in empathy or compassion due to a lack of energy to truly care (or at least not the way you would like to care).  Those of us in helping professions have been hit especially hard - nurses, nursing assistances, respiratory therapists, mental health therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, nursing home workers, teachers, social workers, and more.  Further, many of us are finding ourselves busier than ever, with less resources at our disposal, and often at relatively low pay.  Burnout not only makes sense but seems...

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