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Why We Need More Than Stress Management Right Now

Before I headed into the field of mental health and eventually clinical social work, I was an actuarial analyst.  During that time, my amazing employer had a class on stress management (among other things).  It was my first experience of anything that addressed mental and emotional wellness.  It was great at the time.  I learned some basic tools for handle typical levels of stress.  It would have even worked had I been experiencing typical levels of stress.  But during that time in my working life I was either working or studying for the intense actuarial exams required by my profession.  The level of stress that created for me was anything but typical.  I needed more.

I think it is safe to say that right now life is more intense than usual - we are into year two of the pandemic, still wrestling with social justice issues (which to be fair some have been dealing with their entire life they are just more on the forefront than they used to be...

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