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You DO Have Time (for what really matters)

Lately I have been working a lot on shifting my relationship with time. Part of this has been really getting clear on my priorities and how I want to spend my time. A daily habit I have been shifting towards is asking "Is this a priority right now?" before I do something.
You see, I am a recovering master multi-tasker, which is to say I used the think I was multi-tasking but all I was doing was stressing myself out, being LESS productive (yep, believe it or not, multi-tasking actually makes us less productive because of the strain on the brain), and actually doing a bunch of extra stuff that didn't have to be done.
I decided to shift my approach to being more intentional about my time instead of just trying to get a bunch done. I'm working on focus on what truly matters. Today, instead of doing a bunch of small tasks, I chose to visit my nearly 102 year old grandma (who is awesome, by the way). I feel so much more refreshed and quite frankly more focused. Yes,...
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Getting Back to Planning and Intentionality

So, a bit of a funny story (especially after my most recent blog post)....

I just bought a house this summer and it turns out there was a small wasp nest in the front light. I was able to remove that and bought a new fixture since the other one was broken. But I bought the wrong kind, so I returned it today and got another one that was the right kind - or so I thought.

If you've ever installed a ceiling light of any kind, you know it's a total pain in the behind. Seriously. At least it wasn't a ceiling fan though - those are a real bummer.

At any rate, as I was finishing up the installation (after it taking three times as long as I had expected ) I opened my front door and realized the light hangs down too far so I could only open the door enough to get in and out.   

So, I tried again. You'd think I would have measured it to make sure it fit, learning from my previous mistake. Nope. I just moved it up as high as it would go. I mean, it fits but the door grazes the bottom...

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Believe it or Not, You DO Have Time - You Just Can't Do Everything

What does it really mean when you say "I don't have time"?

PAUSE, and really think about it.

As I have reflected on this, I realized that it means I am not prioritizing the thing I think I don't have time for. But the thing is, something is missing for me when I agree to a task or appointment. The thing missing is that I am not consistently asking myself, "Does this align with my priorities, my goals, and my values?". When I look at my calendar, and especially my "to do" list, there is way too much on there that are things that don't fit the bill, that don't align with my priorities, goals, and/or values, things that I have felt obligated to do or do out of habit.

So how do we change that?

The first step is getting super clear on what our goals, priorities, and values are. This takes time - we need to pause and reflect on it. Maybe make some time today to do this.

Then, every time we are adding a task or meeting we ask, "Does this align with my goals, priorities, and values?" This...

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