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Email Zero: Getting Organized and Releasing Stress I Didn't Even Know I Had

A couple of weeks ago I did something to get organized that relieved so much stress I had no idea I was carrying.

I cleared my email box to zero.  Seriously.

Now before thinking I went through thousands of emails, let me elaborate.  At the end 2018 I put all of my emails from 2017 and prior into a folder labeled "Emails 2017 and older", just in case I needed them.  Then, I went through my emails and cleaned out my inbox.

But then I let it pile up again.  Every year.  So every year for the past several years I have spent the better part of a day cleaning it out.

No more.

After reading "Order from Chaos: The Everyday Grind of Staying Organized with Adult ADHD", I found a better way - email zero.

It started by doing my annual email purge so I emptied out my email (something I need to do to make sure I have all of my tax receipts).. 

Now, every day I deal with each email.  Yep.  Every single email,...

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