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Getting Back to Planning and Intentionality

So, a bit of a funny story (especially after my most recent blog post)....

I just bought a house this summer and it turns out there was a small wasp nest in the front light. I was able to remove that and bought a new fixture since the other one was broken. But I bought the wrong kind, so I returned it today and got another one that was the right kind - or so I thought.

If you've ever installed a ceiling light of any kind, you know it's a total pain in the behind. Seriously. At least it wasn't a ceiling fan though - those are a real bummer.

At any rate, as I was finishing up the installation (after it taking three times as long as I had expected ) I opened my front door and realized the light hangs down too far so I could only open the door enough to get in and out.   

So, I tried again. You'd think I would have measured it to make sure it fit, learning from my previous mistake. Nope. I just moved it up as high as it would go. I mean, it fits but the door grazes the bottom...

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