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What we get wrong about exercise

Reflecting on what I shared last week about burnout recovery with exercise as an example (Read here if you missed it ), I realized something was missing.


Over my 17 years as a group fitness instructor and now 13 as a yoga teacher, if there is one thing I have learned about exercise it’s this:  not all exercise is created equal.  This doesn’t mean that in general some form of exercise are better than others.  What it means is that the exercise that will work best for you is unique to you - your biology, biography, and current circumstances.


For example, I started running daily in college and did so through my 20s.  While the running helped some, it was hard on my body.  And maybe at the time, it was what I needed to deal with the depressive episode in my early 20s.  However, by the time I hit 30 my anxiety was at an all time high and my body hurt - my feet hurt, my hips hurt, and my...

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