Beyond Nursing Burnout:

5 Steps to Build Resilience and Feel Good Again

Build emotional resilience so you can feel good in your body, feel valued and respected at work, enjoy helping patients, and have personal time again.


Let's Get Real About Nurse Burnout

☑️   Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and irritable?

☑️   Are you feeling overworked and under-appreciated?

☑️  Perhaps you've notice yourself feeling emotionally drained

☑️   Are work and work-related stress dominating the rest of your life?

☑️   Maybe you're thinking and dreaming about work during off hours or not sleeping as well as you once did

☑️  Are you tired of the pandemic and the challenges it brings?

☑️  Are you feeling unsupported and perhaps tired of the feigned efforts to show appreciation without real change that helps you?

Consultant, Wellness Educator,
Yoga Teacher

Maybe you're tired of the pandemic and the challenges it brings whether that's unvaccinated patients not wearing masks, the gravity of this illness and the pain it brings to so many, or the extra work it has created.

Perhaps you're filled with grief and trauma from witnessing the painful and often lonely deaths of COVID patients.

Maybe you watch your coworkers who are retiring early or leaving the profession and wondering if you should too.

Most days you wonder if it will ever get better.

You are not alone.  According to recent studies, 2.7 MILLION nurses in the U.S. report feeling burnt-out. The pandemic has only exacerbated the high levels of stress and exhaustion nurses were already facing.

Of the thousands of nurse participants from across the country, a staggering 95% reported feeling burnt-out in their nursing position within the last three years.

Most hospitals and clinics are not doing enough to address the burnout crisis leaving many nurses feeling alone, under-appreciated, and searching for other options.

But it doesn't have to be this way. 

You can use simple tools to help you feel better faster. 

The challenges you face, while intense, are not insurmountable.  By learning the right tools to release the stress from your body and build resilience, you can feel better and take your life back - all while staying in your chosen profession.

I'm here to tell you that you can take small, simple steps to turn this around.

I'm Jen Barnes.  The daughter and sister of nurses and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker myself, I was born to serve.

As I have worked with more and more nurses, I have heard a common message:  they are burned out.  They feel overworked, underpaid, exhausted, and are struggling to hold it together emotionally with all of the added stress of the past couple of years.

I've been there: on the path to burnout.  I nearly left my career as a psychotherapist 11 years in while working in community mental health and seeing over 40 therapy patients per week.

The toll of burnout.
I was stressed, anxious, irritable, exhausted, and unfulfilled.  Instead of enjoying my life's work of helping others, I found myself struggling to relax or have fun (or even find time to do it); it felt like my job was stealing my life.  Further, I was resentful and having less and less compassion and empathy for my patients.  Worse yet, it was starting to impact their outcomes too.  That's what led me to realize something needed to change; I missed getting to enjoy my patients and seeing them learn and grow over time and I certainly didn't want my burnout to impact their lives negatively.  And in many ways, I missed myself.  I decided this was no way to live.
What didn't work.
I tried to work harder and do more so I could get through the “had to do’s”  with plans to relax after; that didn’t work.  The list just got longer and rest and relaxation escaped me.

Somewhat subconsciously I tried letting go of time with friends and family to make time; this didn’t work either.  It only made me more miserable, less happy, and more stressed.  I wasn’t more productive, just more angry and lonely.

Talking to others in the field didn’t work; they were in the same boat and whether hearing about their successes or struggles I felt I was sinking deeper into misery either around “why can’t I do this?” or “we’re all doomed”.
Much to my dismay, I found drinking wine, “retail therapy” (AKA shopping), and complaining about my life were also grossly ineffective.

Time for a change.

I didn't feel better until I learned how to:

💎  Effectively release stress from my body

💎  Calm my body through yoga and working directly with my nervous system

💎  Address the underlying stressors both within and outside of my control

💎  Build true resilience

Having walked this path myself and having worked in the mental health field for over 20 years (15+ as a licensed clinical social worker) with specialities in psychological trauma, stress, grief, and anxiety, I am excited to companion nurses  - yes YOU too - on their own journey towards living full lives again.  And because I've been there, I can save you time, giving you the steps that have proven most effective in making this transformation (instead of the years of therapy as well as trial and error that it took me).

I can save you time, giving you the steps that have proven most effective; I know this works, because I've done it. 


Nurses hold a special place in my heart, so I have developed this program to help both the nurses I know and I love, as well as nurses across the country recover from burnout and return to feeling good, enjoying their lives, and loving their jobs again, one nurse at a time.





Together we can help you overcome burnout so you can

feel good and take back your life.


Beyond Nursing Burnout:  

5 Steps to Build Resilience and Feel Good Again

This program empowers nurses like you to move beyond burnout towards building resiliency so you can take back your life and feel good again.

Your Beyond Nursing Burnout

Program Includes:


Best for those wishing to go it on their own.

  • FOUNDATIONAL LEARNING:  Access to five base modules (online and on mobile app) to get you feeling better now while building emotional resilience to prevent further burnout 
  • SUPPORT:  24/7 support and accountability through lifetime access to the exclusive Facebook group community.


Best for nurses wanting more support

Everything included in Basic PLUS

  • SUPPORT:  Three Q&A sessions to answer questions, help you tailor the tools to your needs, and offer support as you move through the program.  Due to the variation in nurses schedules, the Q&A will be pre-recorded.  You will be able to submit questions and I will answer all questions in a single video available to all participants.  (Your questions can be anonymous upon request.)

At the end of this module you will understand the stress response and the need for completing the stress response.  You will learn simple but effective skills for relieving stress now by completing the stress response.  You will be able to notice and decode the messages of your body so you can understand your needs in the moment.  This will prepare you for the next step of meeting those needs effectively and then shifting into a state of calm.

When you are calm (instead stuck in the stress response), you can think more clearly, problem solve more effectively, regulate emotions well, and manages the stressors of life and work, all of which contributes to feeling better in your body.

You will discover:

  • The necessary first step to release stress - Completing the Stress Response
  • Why it is necessary to complete the stress response and how it works
  • Skills for completing the stress response so you can release the stress stuck in your body
  • How the body talks to us about safety, stress, and danger through the nervous system

You will receive:

  • Quick Tools to Complete the Stress Response:  A cheat sheet for easy access to tools that help you release the stress stuck in your body - the first step in recovering from burnout
  • Guide to Understanding and Decoding Your Body’s Messages: A PDF to help you notice and understand your stress responses.  This is a foundational skill preparing you so you are ready for the next module on working with your stress and emotions effectively - a key piece in not only healing burnout but preventing it
  • Quick Reference Trail Guide for Decoding Your Body’s Messages:  An infographic for quick and easy reminders about the body's messages so you can spot what is happening inside of you more quickly and thus respond intentionally instead of reactively
  • Get clear on your body’s specific messages - how they are communicated and what they mean:  A power tool for you to dig deeper into your own personal experiences of your body's messages so you can have clarity on your own responses to stress
  • Rid Your Body of Toxic Stress Implementation Instrument:  Guide to help you identify next steps to ensure you follow through with and apply what you have learned in this module so you can release toxic stress

At the end of this module you will be able to calm yourself in the moment so you can handle the daily stressors of work and life with ease.  This will help you build resilience, helping you return to a state of calm after stressors arise.  You will learn how to tune into your emotions to understand the messages of your body and be able to address the need your emotions are communicating.  This will allow you to work through the stress and stressors you face so you can release burnout and return to feeling good again.

You will discover:

  • That you can use the wisdom of the autonomic nervous system to work with the body
  • Specific strategies for how to calm yourself in the moment so you can handle the daily stressors of life and work with ease
  • That emotions are our bodies' way of calling attention to our needs and values
  • Skills for working with your emotions to meet your needs and respond instead of react

You will receive:

  • Guide to Calm Your Body NOW:  A PDF offering a number of specific strategies for calming the body in the moment so you can stay calm, thus helping you tackle the stressors of life and work with greater ease
  • Your Experiment in Calming Your Nervous System:  Journal prompts to guide you through an exploration of your own autonomic nervous system experiences.  This allows you to build awareness of your stress response, laying the groundwork for dealing with stressors more effectively so you can feel better and leave work at work
  • 5-minutes to Calm [video]:  A power tool to help you calm your body during a short break, allowing you to show up calmly and fully both at work and at home (rather than stressed out)
  • Respond Instead of React:  Investigating your feelings to meet your needs:  A practice tool offering you an easy-to-use strategy for working with emotions effectively.  This will help you regulate your emotions and show up at work and at home calmly and more focused (versus being distracted with overwhelming feelings)
  • Calm Body, Wise Mind Implementation Instrument:  A guide to help you identify steps to ensure you follow through with and apply what you have learned about calming your own body and working with emotions so you are better able to leave work at work and show up for your life more at peace

At the end of this module you will have specific tools and steps for getting to the root of the problem and dealing with stressors that are outside of your control.

As you are able to deal with your stressors, you will be able to enjoy your life and work again.

You will discover:

  • How to address stressors outside of your control through mindset shifts, radical acceptance, and positive reappraisal

You will receive:

  • Guide to Address the Stressors with a Focus on Effectiveness:  A PDF to guide you through action steps for identifying the underlying issues that contributed to your burnout.  This is an essential step in burnout recovery and prevention that will allow you to cope with those issues effectively so that they are no longer problematic.
  • Toolkit for Addressing Stressors Outside of Your Control:  A PDF toolkit with two essential skills for working with stressors that are outside of your control - something that is often no small feat.  These powerful tools will help.
  • Addressing Stressors Outside of Your Control:  Journal prompts to help you identify your underlying stressors that are outside of your control and intentionally choose how to address them so you can show up fully for your life and your patients (instead of being weighed down by stress).
  • Address Stressors Outside of Your Control Implementation Instrument:  A guide to help you identify steps to ensure you follow through with and apply what you have learned about coping with stressors outside of your control.

At the end of this module you will feel more confident in your ability to set boundaries and self-advocate, armed with a toolkit of ways to communicate what you want and need.  You will have specific tools and steps for getting to the root of the problem and dealing with stressors that are within your control.

As you are able to deal with your stressors, you will be better able to enjoy your life and work again.

You will discover:

  • How to address stressors you can control through intentional problem-solving, boundaries, and self-advocacy

You will receive:

  • Guide to Addressing the Underlying Stressors Within Your Control:  A PDF to guide you through action steps for addressing the underlying issues that contributed to your burnout and that are within your control.  This is an essential step in burnout recovery and prevention, helping you feel empowered to self-advocate and do what you can to feel better.
  • Addressing the Stressor: Journal prompts to help you identify your underlying stressors that are within your control and intentionally choose how to address them so you can show up fully for your life and your patients.
  • Address Stressors Within Your Control Implementation Instrument:  A guide to help you identify steps to ensure you follow through with and apply what you have learned about coping with stressors within your control. 
  • Boundaries and Effective Communication Guide:  A PDF to introduce effective tools for setting boundaries and communicating effectively both at home and in the workplace. 
  • Writing Out Your Words:  A practice tool for you to plan your conversations around boundaries and self-advocacy.  This will help you communicate effectively, helping you clarity what doesn't work for you and meet your needs.

At the end of this module, you will have action steps for building resilience in your life through radical self-care of your mind, body, and Spirit.

When you, as a nurse, are resilient, you can both handle the intense stressors of being a nurse effectively and attend to patients more fully and focused since your needs have been met.  This will help you be able to leave work at work so you can have your life back.

You will discover:

  • That building resilience is really about radical self-care
  • Radical self-care involves caring for all aspects of your Being - mind, body, spirit

You will will receive:

  • Guide to Radical Self-Care - Body, Mind, and Spirit:  A PDF to help you build resilience through holistic self-care with a focus on shifting your mindset to prioritize yourself and your self-care
  • Mindfulness Practice Video:  A practice tool to help you build Self-awareness and an ability to work and live from a place of mindful intention
  • From Toxic Thoughts to Healthy Mindset:  A power tool to help you address your negative thoughts so you can show up authentically and more effectively address the problems you face in the moment.  This not only leads to better health and connections for you at home but also improved patient care as you set aside the thinking that is keeping you stuck and shift to a more proactive approach.
  • Quick Go-To Mindfulness Practices:  A cheat sheet of brief and simple mindfulness practices you can incorporate throughout the day so your can be more present with yourself, your loved ones, and your patients.
  • The Practice of Cultivating Gratitude:  A guide helping you engage in the power of gratitude to build resilience
  • Resilience Implementation Instrument:  Guide to help you identify steps to ensure they follow through with and apply the skills for building resilience you learned in this module, so you can be more mindful and present in your life both at home and at work.

Enjoy these amazing bonuses to help you move beyond burnout towards resiliency!

Behavior Change that Works:  Get Yourself to Do the Things You Know Will Help

At the end of this module you will have clarity on how you want to be in the world, what you need to do to show up that way, and clear action steps for making it happen that you can apply over and over again to make lasting changes now and over the course of your life.

This will ensure you continue to learn and apply everything you have learned in this program to recover from and prevent burnout as well as build resilience so you can feel good in your body, enjoy life, and enjoy your work again.

You will discover:

  • Why people usually fail at behavior change and creating (or stopping) habits
  • How you can make effective changes more easily

You will receive:

  • Breaking Down the Four Laws of Behavior Change:  A PDF guiding you through how to make your intended changes stick.
  • Build Momentum with a Better Than Nothing Goal:  A template to help you identify the first step towards making change happen - identifying a small, attainable goal that you can do no matter what thus building momentum for your new habit
  • Making Lasting Change - Identifying Who and How You Want to Be, Clarifying the Behavior You Seek, and Making It Happen:  Journal prompts to help you set the stage for real change so you can be successful with this program and at applying all you have learned to ultimately feel good and enjoy life
  • Four Laws of Behavior Change:  An infographic to help you remember the essential steps in behavior change
  • Be the Change Implementation Instrument:  A guide to help you identify steps to ensure you follow through with and apply what you have learned in this module

Pain and Tragedy on the Job

Facing pain and tragedy is often part of being a nurse.  The intensity and frequency of both pain and tragedy have drastically increased over the course of the pandemic, so I created this bonus module just for you.

At the end of this bonus module you will have an understanding how the pain and tragedy you experience on the job is a form of trauma and loss.  You will understand the role of grief and ambiguous loss in the burnout you are experiencing during these challenging times.  You will be equipped with tools for working through the pain and tragedy you face on the job.

Working through the pain and tragedy you face at work, which is really a lot of trauma and loss, you will feel less bogged down and better able to leave it at work.

You will discover:

  • The connection between what you have witnessed at work during the pandemic and how it impacts your entire well-being (e.g., trouble sleeping, emotionally reactive, exhausted, numb, feeling burned out)
  • How grief and ambiguous loss are keeping you stuck right now
  • Ways you can work through the pain from work tragedy you feel so you can be more energized and focused at home and at work

You will receive:

  • Guide to Pain and Tragedy on the Job:  A PDF guide for coping with and healing from pain and tragedy on the job.  This includes how grief and loss show up in healthcare, helping you consider your experiences and identifying what may be unresolved grief so you can take steps towards healing.  This is an important piece of healthcare provider burnout now more than ever.
  • Common experiences of grief:  An infographic for quick reference to validate and normalize your experiences of pain from being a nurse over the past years of the pandemic so you feel more comfortable talking about and working through your feelings around what has transpired
  • Working Through The Pain of Loss:  A power tool to help you start to work through your pain from tragedy at work so it doesn't follow you home

What My Clients and Colleagues Say...

Cindy Dad

Between a pandemic and moving to another country, I have become extremely stressed, frazzled, and disorganized. I have not had the time or energy to establish meaningful connections or even services to help me at my new home. I am so grateful for Jen's online course to help me regain some connection with myself and find the necessary calm and focus that I needed The course is structured so well and the information is very well presented. I can also work at my own pace and time, which was important to me.

Lisa W

One of my biggest challenges is being able to quiet my mind - it seems to be going all the time, racing through a million thoughts all the time. The techniques you learn in working with Jen are so very helpful in learning to find stillness, put things into perspective and find a little peace. It takes practice and you need to commit to the process, but it helps so very much. As women, we seem to put our own self-care on the very last wrung of importance even when we achieve empty-nester status. Take some time, make yourself a priority and join this program. Jen’s teaching style makes the steps easy to follow and practice. This is time and money well spent. And when we are well cared for, we are better at caring for the ones we love.

Bea Doyle

Founder, Bhava Yoga Studio Albuquerque, NM

Rooted in the science of poly-vagal theory, practical in its approach and guided by Jen’s wisdom from years of experience, study and practice in clinical social work and yoga–find the grounded joy of being in balance through revealing awareness exercises, Jen’s clarifying tools for uncovering your ideal life, and yoga's calming breathing and movement practices. An added bonus of working with others in community plus feedback from Jen makes this course an important and necessary venture for these complex times.

Dr. Phil Bennett

Retired Psychologist, Life Coach

I have known Jen for years. She is a gifted therapist and teacher, because of both her intuition, and also her constant search for knowledge and truth. She is always learning and growing, which in my mind is a prerequisite for someone who is able to help others grow. She has explored multiple avenues of healing and works hard to provide a wholistic perspective on what it takes to heal and move forward through life. Jen is able to create space for others so they can discover themselves. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life, and are not sure you are living your best life, Jen can help. She has specialized in the body and trauma, and is capable of guiding you through whatever pain is in you story and life, and toward living authentically from your entire person.

Lori Kucharski, Ph.D.

AAMFT-Approved Supervisor, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist/Supervisor,
EMDRIA-Certified Therapist & Approved Consultant

Jen is skilled at helping stressed-out folks find peace in their bodies. Through her somatically-focused approach, she helps individuals heal and release trauma as they regain faith and trust in their bodies.

Now is your time.

Feel good again and take back your life -
and maybe even your love of nursing.